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9th Armoured Division
Active 1 December 1940–31 July 1944[1]
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Army
Type Armoured division
Size 14,964 men[2]
227 tanks[nb 1][nb 2]
Major-General Brian Horrocks

The 9th Armoured Division was a Second World War British Army formation. The 9th Armoured was created on 1 December 1940 and dispersed and disbanded on 31 July 1944. The division never saw active service during the war. This formation's only use during the war was either as a training formation or when it was used to experiment with specialised armour.

General Officer Commanding

The 9th Armoured Division had three men who held the position of General Officer Commanding during the Second World War.

Appointed General Officer Commanding
4 December 1940 Major-General Brocas Burrows[1]
20 March 1942 Major-General Brian Horrocks[1]
12 August 1942 Major-General John D'Arcy[nb 3]

Component Units

27th Armoured Brigade

28th Armoured Brigade

7th Infantry Brigade

9th Support Group

Divisional Troops


  1. 201 tanks and 26 anti-aircraft tanks.[3]
  2. These two figures are the war establishment, the on-paper strength, of the division; for information on how divisions size changed over the war please see British Army during the Second World War and British Armoured formations of the Second World War.
  3. D'Arcy was appointed as the acting General Officer Commanding on 12 August 1942 at the rank of Brigadier, he took official command of the division on 8 September 1942 with the rank of Major-General.[1]
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