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Structure 98th Paratroopers Division

The Israel Defense Forces 98th Paratroopers Division, also known as the Fire Formation (Hebrew: עֻצְבַּת הָאֵשׁ </noinclude>, Utzbat HaEsh), is a reserve-service infantry division in the Israeli Defense Forces. It is subordinate to the Central Regional Command.


  • 35th "Flying Serpent" Paratroopers Brigade (Regular)
  • 551st "Hetzei Ha-Esh"/"Arrows of Fire" Paratroopers Brigade (Reserve)
  • 623rd "Hod Ha-Hanit"/"Head of the Spear" Paratroopers Brigade (Reserve)
  • "Maglan"/"Ibis" Special Forces Deep Penetration Demolition Unit
  • Unit 7298 "YANMAM" Special Forces Anti-Aircraft Parachuting Unit

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