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The 96th Rifle Division, also designated the 96th Mountain Division, was a division of the Red Army, active from 1923.

In December 1923, in the Ukrainian Military District in Vinnitsa the 96th Podolsky Territorial Rifle Division was formed. In 1924, the division became part of the 17th Rifle Corps.[1] On July 29, 1927 the honorary title changed to " Vinnitsa ".

On September 1, 1929 it was named JF Fabricius (ru:Фабрициус, Ян Фрицевич) Full name of the division was now - 96th Rifle Division Vinnytsia named for JF Fabricius.[2] In 1931, the division was transferred to cadre status.

On May 17, 1935 the Division as part of 17th RC joined the Kiev Military District.

On July 26, 1938, the 96th Rifle Division, 17th RC, joined the Vinnytsia army group formed in the Kiev Special Military District.

On September 16, 1939 management Vinnitsa renamed Army Group management Volotchisk Army Group with headquarter in Volochisk. The 96th Rifle Division (17th RC) became part of this group.

From September 17, 1939, the division took part in the Soviet invasion of Poland.

Converted to rifle division Oct 1941.[3] Became 14th Guards Rifle Division Jan 1942. Recreated July 1942. Fought at Stalingrad. Became 68th Guards Rifle Division Feb 1943. Recreated at Tula in Mar 1943. In mid July 1943 it was part of the 11th Army. Fought in Belorussia, East Prussia, and near Berlin (Battle of Berlin). With 48th Army of the 3rd Belorussian Front May 1945.

In 1957 the division became the 96th Motor Rifle Division. When the Soviet Union fell it was serving in the Volga Military District, at Kazan.[4] In 1990 the division became a motor rifle brigade, and the the 5509th Base for Storage of Weapons and Equipment.[5]


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