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93rd Coast Artillery (AA) Regiment
93 CA
Active 1941—1943
Country United States

 United States Army

Type Coastal Artillery Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment
Role Coastal Anti-Aircraft Protection
Size Regiment
Part of First Army Anti-Aircraft Services
Garrison/HQ Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii
Engagements World War II

The 93rd Coast Artillery Regiment or also known as the 93rd Coast Artillery was, as the name suggests, a coastal artillery regiments of the United States Army. The regiment was short lived being constituted in 1941 and fully disbanded in 1943.


The regiment was constituted on 13 January 1941 as the 93rd Coast Artillery (AA) Regiment with the following structure;

On 10 March the regiment was fully concentrated at Camp Davis and officially activated on 25 April 1941 from a cadre of 228 men from the 69th Coast Artillery (AA) Regiment based at Camp Hulen. On 11 December the regiment last E battery (from 2nd battalion) which was tranferred to the 212th Coast Artillery (AA) Regiment based at nearby Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Following this move, A Battery from the 95th Coast Artillery (AA) Regiment moved from Camp Davis and concurrently re-designated a E Battery.

On 5 January 1942 the regiment moved to Barstow, California and concurrently started AA training at the Mojave Anti-Aircraft Range until 20 May 1942. Following the end of their training the regiment moved to San Francisco for deployment. On 21 May the regiment sailed from Fort Mason (Point of Entry) and arrived in Honolulu on 29 May 1942. Following their move to Hawaii it became evident due to their closer location to Japan, the regiment had to expand in size so as a result the 3rd battalion was activated on 15 June. On 12 December 1943 the regiment was inactivated and the HHB was re-designated as the HHB 137th Anti-Aircraft Group, with the remainder of the regiment being re-organised and re-designated as members of the 294th Anti-Aircraft Artillery (Searchlight) Battalion, 751st AAA (Gun) Battalion, and 85th AA (Automatic Weapons) Battalions respectively.

Just before their inactivation the regiment was organised as follows (as a Type 3 Regiment (3 battalions));

  • 93rd Coast Artillery (Anti-Aircraft) Regiment Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, Honolulu
  • 1st Battalion (AA)
  • 2nd Battalion (AA)
  • 3rd Battalion (AA)