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91st Regiment of Foot
Active 12 December 1759–1763
Country  Kingdom of Great Britain (1756–1800)
Branch  British Army
Type Line infantry
Colonel of
the Regiment
Lt-Gen. Cadwallader Blayney, 9th Baron Blayney

The 91st Regiment of Foot had a brief existence as a British Army infantry regiment between 1759 and 1763. It was raised in Ireland, posted in turn to the West Indies and the Iberian Peninsular and finally disbanded in 1763. Some of the personnel then transferred to the 3rd Regiment of Foot, then stationed in Menorca.[1] The Regimental Colonel throughout its life was Lt-Gen. Cadwallader Blayney, 9th Baron Blayney who had fought at the Battle of Minden in August 1759.[2]


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