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902d Air Refueling Squadron
902d Air Refueling Squadron - SAC - Emblem.png
902d Air Refueling Squadron Patch
Active 1958–1969
Country United States
Branch United States Air Force
Type Air Refueling
Role Aerial Refueling

The 902d Air Refueling Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. It was last assigned to the 70th Bombardment Wing at Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base, Oklahoma, where it was inactivated on 31 December 1969.


The squadron was activated in 1958 at Clinton-Sherman AFB by Strategic Air Command (SAC) and became the refueling component of the 4123d Strategic Wing when the wing moved from Carswell AFB, Texas. The squadron operated Boeing KC-135 Stratotankers, providing air refueling support to the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers of its parent wing and other USAF units as directed. The squadron transferred to the 70th Bombardment Wing in 1963 when SAC replaced its Major Command controlled MAJCON strategic wings with wings carrying the honors of World War II organizations.[1] The 902d deployed to Western Pacific to support combat operations of deployed SAC units and tactical aircraft over Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War between 1966 and 1969. The squadron inactivated with its parent 70th Bombardment Wing in 1969 when Clinton-Sherman AFB closed. Its equipment and personnel were reassigned to other units.


  • Constituted as the 902d Air Refueling Squadron, Heavy on 28 May 1958
Activated on 11 December 1958
Inactivated on 31 December 1969
  • Consolidated with the 602d Bombardment Squadron on 19 September 1985[2] (remained inactive)


  • Clinton-Sherman AFB, Oklahoma, 11 December 1958 – 31 December 1969


  • Second Air Force: 11 December 1958
  • 4123d Strategic Wing: 1 March 1959
  • 70th Bombardment Wing: 1 February 1963 – 31 December 1969[1]


  • Boeing KC-135A Stratotanker


Award streamer Award Dates Notes
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award Streamer.jpg Air Force Outstanding Unit Award 6 October 1959 – 15 July 1960 [3]
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award Streamer.jpg Air Force Outstanding Unit Award 15 April 1968 – 1 October 1968 [3]



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