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The 8th Motorized Rifle Division of the NKVD Internal Troops was formed in accordance with NKVD Order Number 0021 from January 5, 1942, during execution GKO decree number 1099- ss on January 4, 1942. It was based on the 23rd Motorized Rifle Division NKVD Internal Troops.[1]

David Glantz writes that in early December, the Southwestern Front combined the remnants of the 91st, 92nd, 94th, and 98th Border Guards Detachments with the 6th, 16th and 28th NKVD MRRs to form the division.(Colossus Reborn, 165)

The 8th Infantry Division of the NKVD Internal Troops was part of the troops of the South-Western Front and included the:

  • 4th Red Banner Motor Rifle Regiment ;
  • 6th Motorized Rifle Regiment ;
  • 16th Motorized Rifle Regiment ;
  • 28th Motorized Rifle Regiment ;
  • 266th Motorized Rifle Regiment ;
  • 274th Motorized Rifle Regiment ;
  • 10th Artillery Regiment ;

On May 9, 1942, from the 8th Motorized Rifle Division of Internal Troops stand

  • Management Division,
  • 4th Red Banner Motor Rifle Regiment,
  • 266th Motorized Rifle Regiment,
  • 274th Motorized Rifle Regiment.

On the basis of these parts of the 8th Motorized Rifle Division of the NKVD the 13th Rifle Division NKVD was formed.[1] The 287th Infantry Regiment of the 3rd Infantry Division NKVD internal troops also joined the division.[2]

Colonel Gorishnii Vasily Akimovich was appointed the Divisional commander, while military commissar Division Senior Battalion Commissar Ilya Arkhipovich Vlasenko.

The remaining units of the division are part of the 8th Motorized Rifle Division NKVD internal troops to June 25, 1942 and when it is on the order of the Supreme Command joined the Red Army and was named the 63rd Rifle Division.

On November 23, 1942, the 63rd Rifle Division was transformed into the 52nd Riga-Berlin Guards Rifle Division for military merit.


Further reading

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