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The 88th Motor Rifle Division was a division of the Soviet Army, first formed in May 1957.

In May 1957 the 88th Motor Rifle Division (First Formation) was established at Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Odessa Military District, in Ukraine from the 14th Rifle Division. It was redesignated the 180th Motor Rifle Division in November 1964.[1]

In 1980 it was reestablished at Kushka, Turkestan Military District, to replace the 5th Guards Motor Rifle Division which had been dispatched to Afghanistan. In 1982 it came under the control of the 36th Army Corps.

In March 1989 it absorbed the returning 5th Guards Motorised Rifle Division, without inheriting any awards.

In May 1992 it was reportedly taken over by Turkmenistan. It may now be the Turkmen 11th Motor Rifle Division.[2] Kushka is now known as Serhetabat.


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