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802d Air Division
Emblem of the 810th Strategic Aerospace Division
Active 1952 – 1960
Country United States
Branch United States Air Force
Role Command and Control
Part of Strategic Air Command
Garrison/HQ Schilling AFB, Kansas

The 802d Air Division (802d AD) is an inactive United States Air Force organization. Its last assignment was with Strategic Air Command, assigned to Fifteenth Air Force, being stationed at Schilling Air Force Base, Kansas. It was inactivated on 20 June 1960.

Activated in 1958 as an intermediate command echelon of Strategic Air Command, the 802d AD manned, trained, and equipped the 40th and 310th Bombardment Wings at Smoky Hill AFB plus various support components. The division monitored and coordinated the manning, equipping, and training of assigned units for strategic air warfare on a global scale. The training included ange bombardment and air refueling operations. The division participated in exercises such as Phillip Morris, Parade Ground, and Pacesetter.

The 802d AD was inactivated as part of the inactivation of Shilling AFB, it's assigned wings reassigned to other commands.



  • Established as 802 Air Division on 9 May 1952
Activated on 28 May 1952
Discontinued on 20 June 1960





28 May 1952 – 20 June 1960
Detached 6 February – 1 May 1953, 9 June – 9 September 1955, and c. 1 July – c. 1 October 1957
28 May 1952 – 20 June 1960
Detached 28 May – 4 September 1952, 10 March – 8 June 1955, and 3 October 1956 – 9 January 1957).

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