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A Churchill tank of 7th Royal Tank Regiment supporting infantry of 8th Royal Scots during Operation Epsom, 28 June 1944.

The 7th Royal Tank Regiment (7 RTR) was an armoured regiment of the British Army until 1959.


The 7th Royal Tank Regiment was part of the Royal Tank Regiment, itself part of the Royal Armoured Corps. The regiment originally saw action as G Battalion, Tank Corps in 1917.

In December 1940, as part of the British Western Desert Force in Egypt, the 7th RTR contained Matilda infantry tanks and supported the 11th Indian Infantry Brigade of the 4th Indian Infantry Division. The regiment attacked and destroyed the Italian "Maletti Group" at the Nibeiwa Camp. The 7th RTR also supported the attack of the 11th Brigade on Italian positions at the Tummar camps. These attacks were accomplished during the opening stages of Operation Compass. The regiment also participated in the successful attacks on Italian-held Bardia during the same campaign.

In mid-1942, the 7th RTR was captured at Tobruk during the Battle of Gazala. Tobruk was surrendered to Italian forces on 21 June 1942. The regiment was reconstituted in 1943 by re-designation as 10th Royal Tank Regiment.

7th RTR joined 34th Tank Brigade in Normandy on 19 August 1944 and subsequently took part in heavy fighting at the Odon bridgehead. It participated in the capture of Le Havre and, while detached from its Brigade, it played an active part in the early days of the containment of Dunkirk.

In 1959, the 7th RTR was amalgamated with 4th Royal Tank Regiment. The regiment lives on as G Squadron, 1st Royal Tank Regiment (1RTR).

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