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7th Mechanized Infantry Brigade
File:7th Mechanized Brigade Emblem Greece.jpg
Emblem of the 7th Mechanized Infantry Brigade
Country Greece
Branch Hellenic Army
Type Mechanized
Size 5 Battalions
Part of XII Mechanized Infantry Division
Garrison/HQ Lykofos, Thrace
Motto(s) I will not give away my country smaller (Oύκ ελλάττω παραδώσω)


7th Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Sarantaporos" in Provatonas, Thrace

  • HQ Company (ΙΣΤ)
  • 7th Signal Company (7 ΛΔΒ)
  • 7th Engineer Company (7 ΛΜΧ)
  • 7th Armored Battalion (7 EMA)
  • 526th Mechanized Infantry Battalion (526 M/K ΤΠ)
  • 641st Mechanized Infantry Battalion (641 M/K ΤΠ)
  • 642nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion (642 M/K ΤΠ)
  • 561st Mechanized Infantry Battalion (561 M/K ΤΠ)
  • 131st Self Propelled Artillery Battalion (131 Μ Α/K ΠΒ)
  • 7th Antitank Company (7 ΛAT)
  • 7th Support Battalion (7 TYΠ)

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