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7th Motorized Guards Brigade
Active December 1992 – July 2003
Disbanded 7 July 2003
Country Croatia
Branch Ground Army
Nickname(s) Pume (Pumas)
Engagements Croatian War of Independence

The 7th Guards Brigade (Croatian language: 7. gardijska brigada ), also known by their nickname Pumas (Croatian language: Pume ), was a Croatian Ground Army (HV) brigade formed on 23 December 1992 in Varaždin. The brigade was initially formed out of the 5th Battalion of the 1st "Tigers" Brigade and its first commander was Ivan Korade, who led the unit during the War of Independence (1991–1995).

The 7th Brigade was disbanded in 2003 when it merged with the 2nd "Thunders" Brigade. In March 2008 the 2nd Brigade was also disbanded. Members of the former 7th Brigade who had served in the 2nd Brigade 2003–2008 were then incorporated into the present-day Armoured Guards Brigade (Gardijska oklopno-mehanizirana brigada or GOMBR) and formed a battalion which uses the original 7th Brigade's nickname and emblem.


  • Ivan Korade (1992–1996)
  • Željko Dvekar (1996–1999)
  • Marijan Kretić (1999)
  • Branko Predragović (1999–2002)
  • Marijan Kretić (2002–2003)

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