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7e Brigade blindée
Active 1999 - present
Country France
Branch French Army
Type Armour
Size ~ 8,000 personnel
Part of 1st Division
Garrison/HQ Besançon
Motto(s) Force et Audace ("Strength and daring")

The 7th Armoured Brigade (French language: 7e Brigade blindée) is an armoured brigade of the French Army. It carries on the traditions and honours of the 7th Armoured Division.

Before 2016

Before the 2016 French Army Reforms the brigade was at Besançon. It had the following structure:[1]

  • Command and Signal Company
  • Escadron d’Éclairage et d’Investigation - Armoured Reconnaissance at Verdun
  • 1er Régiment de Chasseurs à Cheval - Armoured at Verdun
  • 4e Régiment de Dragons - Armoured at Carpiagne
  • 35e Régiment d'Infanterie - Armoured Infantry at Belfort
  • 152e Régiment d'Infanterie - Armoured Infantry at Colmar
  • 1er Régiment d'Artillerie - Heavy Mortar Artillery at Bourogne
  • 8e Régiment d'Artillerie - Self-Propelled and Medium Artillery at Commercy
  • 54e Régiment d'Artillerie - Air Defense Artillery at Belfort
  • Batterie de Renseignement de Brigade - Reconnaissance Artillery Battery at Bourogne
  • 19e Régiment du Génie - Engineer Regiment at Besançon
  • x2 National Active Non-Commissioned Officers Schools at Verdun and Carpiagne

Organization 2016

The brigade consists of 7 regiments with a total of around 8000 personnel.[2]

7th Armoured Brigade.png
  • 7e Compagnie de Commandement et de Transmissions (7e CCT) - Command and Signals Company in Besançon with VAB
  • 1er Régiment de Chasseurs (1er RCh) - Armoured Regiment in Verdun with 60 Leclerc
  • 5e Régiment de Dragons (5e RD) - Armoured Regiment in Mailly-le-Camp with 60 Leclerc
  • 1er Régiment de Tirailleurs (1er RTir) - Infantry Regiment in Epinal with VBCI
  • 35e Régiment d'Infanterie (35e RI) - Infantry Regiment in Belfort with VBCI
  • 152e Régiment d'Infanterie (152e RI) - Infantry Regiment in Colmar with VBCI
  • 68e Régiment d'Artillerie d'Afrique (68e RAA) - Artillery Regiment in Valbonne with 12x CAESAR self-propelled howitzers, 16x 120mm RTF1 mortars and Mistral Surface-to-air missiles
  • 3e Régiment du Génie (3e RG) - Engineer Regiment in Charleville-Mézières
  • Escadron d'éclairage et d'investigation de la 7e Brigade blindée (EEI 7) - brigade reconnaissance squadron at Verdun. "The eyes of the general"



  • Official site (French) - 7e BB

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