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40th Air Assault Brigade (1979-198X)
40th Airborne Brigade (198X-1993)
40th Separate Airmobile Brigade (1993-199X)
79th Airmobile Regiment (199X-2007)
79th Airmobile Brigade (2007- )
Sleeve patch for the 79th Airmobile Brigade
Active 1979 -
Country Ukraine
Branch Red Army 1979-1991
Ukrainian Ground Forces 1992-
Type Brigade
Role Airmobile
Size ~1000 (2006)
Part of 6th Army Corps[1]
Garrison/HQ А0224 Solyanu[2] Mykolaiv Oblast, Ukraine[3]
Motto(s) "In Unity is Power"
"В єднанні - сила!"
Colonel Kostiantyn Maslenikov[4]
Aircraft flown
Attack helicopter Mi-24
Transport Mi-8

The 79th Airmobile Brigade (Ukrainian language: 79 окрема аеромобільна бригада, 79 okrema aeromobilna brygada ) is a formation of the Ukrainian Airmobile Forces. Brigade is located in Mykolaiv. For their transport the Brigade uses UAZ fitted with DShK anti-aircraft machine gun, 2B14 Podnos 82mm mortar, SPG-9D, AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher.[4] Until summer of 2007 the Brigade was a Regiment. In 2008 the Brigade is being manned by contract soldiers.[5]

Soldiers from the Brigade have served as peacekeepers in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Kosovo, Sierra Leone.[6][7]


The Brigades history began as 40th Air Assault Brigade in the late 1979.[8] Later it was reorganized into the 40th Airborne Brigade in the later years of the 1980s (1.6 1990 according to Holm). That redesignation marked the transfer of the brigade from the Odessa Military District to the Soviet Airborne Troops. In September 1993 the Brigade was renamed 40th Separate Airmobile Brigade.[9]

The 40th Brigade was reorganized and reduced into the 79th Airmobile Regiment. On July 1, 2007 the Brigade was formed by combining the 79th Airmobile Regiment with 11th Army Aviation Regiment.[3][10]


Regiment 1992-2007

  • 1st Battalion[4]
  • 2nd Battalion[4]

Brigade 2007

Past Commanders


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