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7.5 cm Feldkanone 7M85
Type Field gun
Place of origin Germany
Service history
In service 1945
Used by Nazi Germany
Wars World War II
Production history
Designed 1944–45
Produced 1945
Number built 10
Weight 1,788 kg (3,942 lbs)
Barrel length 3.7 m (12 ft)

Shell fixed
Shell weight 5.4 kilograms (12 lb) (HE)
6.8 kilograms (15 lb) (AP)
Caliber 75 mm (2.95 in)
Breech semi-automatic horizontal sliding block
Carriage split trail
Elevation -5° to +42°
Traverse 30° 30'
Rate of fire 12–15 rpm
Muzzle velocity 550 m/s (1,804 ft/s)
Maximum range 10,275 m (11,237 yds)
Filling TNT or amatol

The 7.5 cm Feldkanone 7M85 (7.5 cm FK 7M85) was a field gun used by Germany in World War II.


The FK 7M85 was designed to a requirement issued in 1944 for a dual-purpose anti-tank and artillery gun that could be produced quickly. The gun, cradle and recoil system from the 7.5 cm PaK 40 anti-tank gun was adapted to the 10.5 cm leFH 18/40 carriage. Interestingly the leFH 18/40 carriage had been itself adapted from the PaK 40 so this design essentially returned the gun to its original carriage, albeit modified with an extra 20° of elevation.


In 1944–45 the Germans changed their system of artillery designations from the old "year" system. Each weapon was to have a number showing their caliber group, a letter denoting ammunition group, and the last two digits were from the weapon drawing number. In this case 7 denoted 75 mm caliber using the M group of ammunition. The shells were all to be designated as M with a 4-digit number, the first three were the drawing number and the last was the shell's category from the following list:

No. Shell type No. Shell type
1 high explosive 5 gas
2 hollow charge anti-tank 7 incendiary
3 armor-piercing 8 leaflet
4 high explosive, high capacity 9 practice
5 smoke 10 proof projectile


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