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6th Tank Brigade

100th Tank Regiment

100th Tank Brigade
Russian: 6-я отдельная танковая Ченстоховская Краснознаменная ордена Кутузова II степени бригада
6 OTBr VSRF.png
6th Tank Brigade shoulder sleeve insignia
Active 1942–present

 Soviet Union

Branch Russian Ground Forces
Type Armoured Forces
Size Brigade
Part of 1st Guards Tank Army
Garrison/HQ Mulino
MUN 54096

War in Donbas

Decorations Order of the Red Banner Order of the Red Banner
Order of Kutuzov 2nd Class Order of Kutuzov
Battle honours Czestochowa

The 6th Tank Brigade is a formation of the Russian Ground Forces.[1] In 2014–2015 the brigade took part in War in Donbas.[2]


The brigade was formed in June 2009 as part of the 20th Guards Army in Mulino from the 100th Tank Regiment. The 100th Tank Regiment was originally formed as the 100th Tank Brigade in 1942. For its actions during World War II, the brigade was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, the Order of Kutuzov 2nd class, and the honorific "Czestochowa".[1] In 1945 the brigade, part of the 31st Tank Corps, became the 100th Tank Regiment as part of a reorganization of the Soviet Tank Troops. At the same time the corps became the 31st Tank Division. The regiment was based in Khmelnitsky. The regiment fought in Operation Danube, the suppression of the Prague Spring. After the end of the operation the regiment stayed in Czechoslovakia with the division and was based at Frenštát pod Radhoštěm.[3] In early 1990 the regiment withdrew to Dzerzhinsk.[1]

In August 2014 the brigade's units fought in Battle of Ilovaisk.[4][5] In November 2014 the brigade became part of the 1st Guards Tank Army.[6] In February 2015 the brigade's units fought in Battle of Debaltseve.[7]


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