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6th Army Corps
Ukr 6corps.gif
Patch of the 6th Army Corps
Active 1993 -
Country Ukraine
Branch Ukrainian Ground Forces
Type Corps
Garrison/HQ Dnipropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
Major General Serhiy Bessarab[1]

The 6th Army Corps is one of three army corps of the Ukrainian Ground Forces. The Corps is headquartered in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. It's units are spread across Poltava Oblast, Sumy Oblast, Kharkiv Oblast, and Kirovohrad Oblast[2] The Corps was formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union from a redesignation of the former Soviet 6th Guards Tank Army.

6th Guards Tank Army had incorporated three tank divisions, the 17th, 42nd, and 75th. However the later two were disbanded by 1991-92. In 1992 Zaloga listed the 17th Guards TD and 93rd MRD as being part of the army.[3] However in 1991-1993 the 254th Motor Rifle Division, was withdrawn from the Southern Group of Forces and joined the 6th Army Corps, garrisoned at Artemivsk. It later became the 254th Mechanised Division. In Decree of the President of Ukraine No 350/93, 21.08.1993, 'On conferring military ranks', Colonel СВІДІ Івану Юрійовичу, named as commander of the 17th Tank Division of the 6th Army Corps (Odessa MD), was promoted to Major-General. Thus b y August 1993 the Corps had been shifted to the Odessa MD. On December 3, 1993 Colonel Vladimir Polivoda, Commander 254th Mechanized Division, 6th Army Corps, Odessa Military District was promoted to Major General[4] It later became the 52nd Mechanised Brigade.

In 2004, the Corps disbanded 2 brigades (among them, the 52nd Mechanised Brigade in October 2004)[5] and 3 regiments. One brigade and one regiment were added. In 2006, the Corps almost doubled in size.


Structure 6th Army Corps

Disbanded Units


Rank Name Position held
Start End
Major General Vitaliy Radetskyi[14] May 1991 January 1992
Major General Volodymyr Shkidchenko[14] March 1992 June 1993
Major General Oleh Shustenko[14] June 1993 April 1994
Major General Valentyn Tymko[14] April 1994 August 1996
Major General Volodymyr Mozharovskyi[14] August 1996 May 2000
Major General Volodymyr Bataliuk[14] May 2000 September 2002
Major General Rauf Nurullin[14] September 2002 November 2003
Major General Yuri Shapoval[14] November 2003 November 2004
Major General Yuri Boryskin[14] November 2004 July 11, 2005[15]
Lieutenant General Volodymyr Zamara[14] July 11, 2005[15] May 2007
Lieutenant General Serhiy Bessarab[14] May 2007 Present


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Personnel of the Ukrainian 6th Army Corps mark the 65th anniversary of the creation of its predecessor, the 6th Guards Tank Army.

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