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68th Armoured Regiment
Active 1968 – present
Country India India
Allegiance India
Branch Indian Army
Type Armour
Size Regiment
Nickname(s) Gladiators
Motto(s) Vijay aur Samman (Victory and Glory)
March Entry of the Gladiators

68th Armoured Regiment is an armoured regiment which is part of the Armoured Corps of the Indian Army.[1] The regiment was raised on 1 March 1968 by Lt Col R.N. Thumby at Ahmednagar.[1] The regiment was raised with Vijayanta tanks. It was raised with Ahir, Gujjar, Maratha and Rajput troops from the artillery, engineers and infantry including some troops from the 66th Armoured Regiment.[1] The regiment was made part of the order of battle of the 1st Armoured Division on 30 March 1970. The regiment could not participate in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 as the armoured division was not committed to battle. In 1985, it was converted to T-72 tanks and served during Operation Trident and Operation Rakshak.[1] The regiment has the nickname "The Gladiators", because of its choice of the regimental march "Entry of the Gladiators".[1]

Cap badge

The regiment cap badge of the officers is in silver and depicts four crossed lances with pennons with a gauntlet (mailed fist) at the crossing, each lance symbolising each ethnic class recruited to the regiment. The cap badge worn by the Junior Commissioned Officers and other ranks is identical to that worn by officers, in white metal, and has an additional scroll (in brass plate) with the regimental motto "Vijay aur Samman" [1]

The shoulder title consists of the numeral "68" within a mailed fist above.[1]


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