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The US Army's 63rd Cavalry Division, Organized Reserve, was created from the perceived need for additional cavalry units. It numbered in succession of the Regular Army Divisions, which were not all active at its creation.

The 63rd Cavalry Division was located in the Mid-Atlantic United States. The division was composed of personnel from Tennessee, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, & Colorado.


  • Headquarters & Headquarters Troop
  • 1st Brigade
    • 309th Cavalry Regiment
    • 310th Cavalry Regiment
  • 2nd Brigade
    • 311th Cavalry Regiment
    • 312th Cavalry Regiment
  • 863rd Field Artillery Regiment
  • 463rd Tank Company
  • 63rd Signal Troop
  • 583rd Ordnance Company
  • 463rd Quartermaster Squadron
  • 463rd Armored Car Squadron
  • 403rd Engineer Squadron
  • 363rd Medical Squadron

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