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62nd Infantry Division Marmarica
Active 1939–1941
Country Italy
Branch Italian Army
Type Infantry
Size Division
Nickname(s) Marmarica
Engagements World War II
Marmarica Collar Patch.png

The 62nd Infantry Division Marmarica was an Infantry Division of the Italian Army during World War II. The Marmarica Division was sent to Libya in October 1939. It took part in the Italian invasion of Egypt in September 1940. It was destroyed at Bardia in January 1941, during the British counter-attack (Operation Compass).


The Marmarica Division was part of the Italian forces that invaded Egypt Battle of Marmarica the division was located at Sidi Omar to the south of Sollum. After the British counter-attack what remained of the Division was located at Bardia. On 3 January 1941, The British resumed the offensive.[1] As the Allied forces advanced, several large Italian units were surrounded, cut off from supply, and defeated. After some hard fighting, one position after another surrendered. The Australians captured Bardia on 5 January, taking 45,000 prisoners[2] and 462 guns[3] for a loss of 130 dead and 326 wounded of their own.[4][5] However the fighting was fierce. An Australian historian later wrote that "in parts their defence was most efficient and often extremely brave."[6]

Order of battle

  • 115. Infantry Regiment
  • 116. Infantry Regiment
  • 44. Artillery Regiment
  • 62. Engineer Battalion
  • 62. Machine Gun Battalion [nb 1][8]


  1. An Italian Infantry Division normally consisted of two Infantry Regiments (three Battalions each), a Artillery Regiment, a Mortar Battalion (two companies), a Anti Tank ComThpany, a Blackshirt Legion of two Battalions was sometimes attached. Each Division had only about 7,000 men, The Infantry and Artillery Regiments contained 1,650 men, the Blackshirt Legion 1,200, each company 150 men.[7]
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