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The 5th Mechanised Corps was a mechanized corps of the Red Army, active in 1941 and from 1942-c.1945.

First formation

The 5th Mechanized Corps started the war in the Transbaikal Military District. Was with 16th Army on 1 July 1941. Consisted of 13th and 17th Tank Divisions and the 109th Mechanised Division.[1] 126th Corps Artillery Regiment and the 112th Separate Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion. The 17th Tank Division was formed on the base of 37th light tank brigade. It also included 199th flamethrower and 526 transport battalions. On June 22, 1941 the Division was part of the 5th Mechanised Corps. Beginning June 12, 1941 the division was relocated to Izyaslav, Khmelnytskyi Oblast.

The first 17th Tank Division's structure in 1941 included the 33rd, 34th, and 35th Tank Regiments, the 17th Mechanized Regiment,[2] the 17th Artillery Regiment, 17th Reconnaissance Battalion, 17th Transport Battalion and 17th Maintenance Battalion.

The corps was disbanded in August 1941.

Second formation

The 5th Mechanized Corps was formed September 8, 1942 on the basis of the 22nd Tank Corps.

In accordance with Order VGK number 0306 from September 12, 1944 5th Mechanized Corps was transformed into the 9th Guards Mechanized Corps.

As part of the operational army:

from 10/30/1942 to 10/02/1943 from 07/27/1943 to 23/10/1943 from 11/01/1944 to 09/12/1944


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