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5th Light Horse Brigade
Active 1918
Country  Australia
Allegiance Australian Crown
Branch Australian Army
Type Mounted Infantry
Size Brigade
Part of Australian Mounted Division
Equipment Horse
Engagements Sinai and Palestine Campaign
Unit colour patch 5th Light Horse Brigade.gif

Middle Eastern Theatre during World War I

The 5th Light Horse Brigade was a mounted infantry brigade of the First Australian Imperial Force, formed in Palestine in July 1918 they served in the Middle Eastern theatre of World War I in the Sinai and Palestine Campaign, as part of the Australian Mounted Division.[1][2]



  • 14th Light Horse Regiment
  • 15th Light Horse Regiment
  • 16th Regiment Mixte de Marche de Palestine et Syrie (also known as the 1er Régiment Mixte de Cavalerie du Lavant), composed of two squadrons of French Chasseurs d’Afrique and one squadron of Spahis,[3]
  • 2nd New Zealand Machine Gun Squadron
  • 5th Signal Troop [1]


The Australian Light Horse during World War I


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