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58th Mechanised Infantry Brigade
Country China
Type Mechanized infantry
Part of 20th Group Army
Garrison/HQ Xuchang, Henan
Zhang Chuanguang

The 58th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (lang-zh:机械化步兵第58旅) is a brigade of the People's Liberation Army Ground Force. It is one of the three maneuver elements of the 20th Group Army in the Jinan Military Region. The 58th was previously a division, being converted to a brigade sized formation in 1999.

During the Korean War, the division was part of the People's Volunteer Army. At this time, the division consisted of the 172nd, 173rd, and 174th Regiments.[1]

The 58th Division attacked the U.S. Marines holding Hagaru-ri during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir.[2]

The brigade conversion in 1999 was part of the PLA's effort to experiment with a Corp-Brigade-Battalion force structure instead of the traditional Corp-Division-Regiment structure. The 58th is one of the units of the Jinan MR tasked to serve as one of the mobile response elements capable of reinforcing Groups Armies in other Military Regions in case of emergency or war.


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