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The 55th Guards Rifle Division - was a Red Army military unit, engaged in the Second World War. Its full name was the 55th Guards Rifle Irkutsk-Pinsk Order of Lenin, Order of the October Revolution, three Red Banner, Order of Suvorov 2nd degree division named after the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.


It was formed on 12/18/1942 by converting the 30th Rifle Division.

It was in battle from 18.12.1942 to 21.04.1944 from 28.05.1944 to 14.09.1944 from 13.10.1944 to 31.03.1945 from 20.04.1945 to 11.05.1945 year.

She took part in the liberation of North Caucasus and the Taman Peninsula. In November 1943, participated in the Kerch–Eltigen amphibious operation, landing on the beach in Danger, Yenikale, is fighting on the Kerch Peninsula until April 1944, then participated in Belorussian strategic operations by participating in the liberation of Ivanovo and Luninets areas Brest Region of Pinsk and Logishin district Pinsk area, eastern Poland, in East Prussian, Berlin and Prague offensive operations.

The division participated in the liberation of the city Novorossiysk, Kerch, Pinsk, taking Gumbinenn and Berlin.

With 28th Army of the 1st Ukrainian Front in May 1945.

Higher headquarters

Subordinate units (partial)

  • 164th Guards Rifle Regiment
  • 166th Guards Rifle Regiment
  • 168th Guards Rifle Regiment
  • 126th Guards Artillery Regiment
  • 62 Guards separate self-propelled artillery battalion (62 Guards separate antitank battalion)

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