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55th Army
Active 1941-1943
Country  Soviet Union
Branch Red Army
Type Combined arms
Part of Leningrad Front

World War II

The 55th Army was a field army of the Red Army during World War II. It was part of the Leningrad Front and was formed on 1 September 1941. The army fought in the Sinyavino Offensive, Lyuban Offensive Operation and the Battle of Krasny Bor. On 25 December 1943, it was combined with the 67th Army.[1][2]


The 55th Army was formed on 1 September 1941 as part of the Leningrad Front. It was formed from the Task Force of Major General I.G. Lazarev and the 19th Rifle Corps headquarters. The army fought in the Leningrad Strategic Defensive Operation. Using the defenses of the Slutsk-Kolpino Fortified Area, the army defended Leningrad's southern approaches in the area of Kolpino, Krasnogvardeysk, Zaborje, Vyritsa, the Izhora River and the Tosna River. Its units stopped the German advance at Putrolovo, Bolshoye Kuzmino, Novaya and Verkhneye Kuzmino. From October 1941 to December 1942, the army carried out local offensives to improve its positions.[2]

In February 1943, the army fought in the Battle of Krasny Bor, during which it inflicted heavy casualties on the Blue Division and captured Krasny Bor. During the offensive, it suffered more than 10,000 casualties.[3] On 25 December 1943, the army was combined with the 67th Army.[2]


On 1 September 1941, the army contained the following units.[1]

  • 70th Rifle Division
  • 90th Rifle Division
  • 168th Rifle Division
  • 237th Rifle Division
  • 1st People's Militia Division
  • 4th People's Militia Division
  • 2nd Rifle Regiment
  • Slutsk-Kolpino Fortified Area


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