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53rd Rifle Division

I Formation: 1931-1947

II Formation: 1955
Country  Soviet Union
Branch Red Army
Type Infantry

World War II


Order of the red Banner OBVERSE.jpgOrder of the Red Banner

Order of suvorov medal 2nd class.jpgOrder of Suvorov 2nd class
Battle honours


in the name of Friedrich Engels

The 53rd Rifle Division was an infantry division of the Soviet Union's Red Army, active during World War II.

The division was formed in 1931.[1]

Poirer and Connor, in their 1985 Red Army Order of Battle, say that the division fought at Yelnaya, on the Dnieper River, at Uman and Targul Frumos. With 46th Army of the 2nd Ukrainian Front in May 1945.

The division was disbanded in 1947 in the Southern Group of Forces[2] with the 57th Army.[3]

In 1955, the division was reformed from the 318th Rifle Division with the 3rd Rifle Corps at Uzhhorod. On 9 September 1955, it became the 39th Mechanized Division.[4]


  • Poirer and Connor, Red Army Order of Battle in the Great Patriotic War, 1985

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