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5.56×30mm MINSAS
Type Assault Rifle / PDW Ammunition
Place of origin  India
Production history
Manufacturer Ordnance Factories Board
Bullet diameter 5.56 mm M193
Case length 30 mm

The 5.56×30mm MINSAS is an ammunition manufactured by the Ordnance Factories Board for close quarter battle use.[1] The round is somewhat a derivative of the experimental Colt MARS, using a bottlenecked case 30mm long, loaded with a light pointed bullet with a steel penetrator core. The bullet weighs 2.6 grams (40 gr) and muzzle velocity from 300mm (11.8 inches) barrel of the Modern Sub Machine Carbine is listed as 650.0 metres per second (2,133 ft/s), resulting in a muzzle energy of 550 joules (410 ft·lbf), ballistically similar to modern pistol cartridges. The cartridge, now officially known as 5.56×30mm MINSAS, offers an effective range of about 200 to 300 metres (660 to 980 ft), with effective penetration against body armor. The early carbines for this round, known as MINSAS, were based on the INSAS rifle.

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