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4th U-boat Flotilla
Active Raised 1941, Dissolved 1945
Country Nazi Germany
Branch Kriegsmarine
Type U-boat flotilla
Garrison/HQ Stettin
Kapitänleutnant Werner Jacobsen
(May 1941 – June 1942)
Kapitänleutnant Fritz Frauenheim
(July 1942)
Fregattenkapitän Heinz Fischer
(August 1942 – May 1945)

The 4th U-boat Flotilla (German 4. Unterseebootsflottille) was formed in May 1941 in Stettin under the command of Kapitänleutnant Werner Jacobsen. The flotilla was a training flotilla and nearly 300 boats received their basic training. The flotilla was disbanded in May 1945.

U-boats assigned to the flotilla

U-37 U-38 U-78 U-118 U-119 U-129 U-130
U-131 U-153 U-154 U-155 U-156 U-157 U-158
U-159 U-160 U-161 U-162 U-163 U-164 U-165
U-166 U-167 U-168 U-169 U-170 U-171 U-172
U-173 U-174 U-175 U-176 U-177 U-178 U-179
U-180 U-181 U-182 U-183 U-184 U-185 U-186
U-187 U-188 U-189 U-190 U-191 U-192 U-193
U-194 U-195 U-196 U-197 U-198 U-199 U-200
U-219 U-220 U-233 U-290 U-317 U-318 U-319
U-320 U-321 U-322 U-323 U-324 U-325 U-326
U-327 U-328 U-351 U-370 U-459 U-460 U-461
U-462 U-463 U-464 U-475 U-487 U-488 U-489
U-490 U-504 U-505 U-506 U-507 U-508 U-509
U-510 U-511 U-512 U-513 U-514 U-515 U-516
U-517 U-518 U-519 U-520 U-521 U-522 U-523
U-524 U-525 U-526 U-527 U-528 U-529 U-530
U-531 U-532 U-533 U-534 U-535 U-536 U-537
U-538 U-539 U-540 U-541 U-542 U-543 U-544
U-545 U-546 U-547 U-548 U-549 U-550 U-579
U-676 U-801 U-802 U-803 U-804 U-805 U-806
U-821 U-822 U-841 U-842 U-843 U-844 U-845
U-846 U-847 U-848 U-849 U-850 U-851 U-852
U-853 U-854 U-855 U-856 U-857 U-858 U-859
U-860 U-861 U-862 U-863 U-864 U-865 U-866
U-867 U-868 U-869 U-870 U-871 U-872 U-873
U-874 U-875 U-876 U-877 U-878 U-879 U-880
U-881 U-883 U-889 U-901 U-925 U-926 U-927
U-928 U-929 U-930 U-1025 U-1221 U-1222 U-1223
U-1234 U-1301 U-1302 U-1303 U-1304 U-1305 U-1306
U-1307 U-1308 U-2321 U-2322 U-2323 U-2324 U-2325
U-2326 U-2336 U-2339 U-2343 U-2346 U-2347 U-2348
U-2349 U-2350 U-2351 U-2352 U-2353 U-2354 U-2355
U-2356 U-2357 U-2358 U-2359 U-2360 U-2361 U-2362
U-2363 U-2364 U-2365 U-2366 U-2367 U-2368 U-2369
U-2371 U-3001 U-3002 U-3003 U-3004 U-3005 U-3006
U-3007 U-3008 U-3009 U-3010 U-3011 U-3012 U-3013
U-3014 U-3015 U-3016 U-3017 U-3018 U-3019 U-3020
U-3021 U-3022 U-3023 U-3024 U-3025 U-3026 U-3027
U-3028 U-3029 U-3030 U-3031 U-3032 U-3033 U-3034
U-3035 U-3037 U-3038 U-3039 U-3040 U-3041 U-3044


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