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The 4th CCNN Division "3 Gennaio" (CCNN standing for Camicie Nere, Blackshirts) was one of seven Black Shirt Divisions that were organized and fought in the Second Italo-Abyssinian War. Its commander was Generale di Divisione Alessandro Traditi. The name 3 Gennaio ("3 January") was given in honor of the date of assumption of dictatorial powers by Benito Mussolini on 3 January 1925.

Order of Battle (3 October 1935)

4th "3 Gennaio" Blackshirts Division

  • 101st Blackshirts Legion "Libica"
    • 101st Blackshirts Battalion (former 1st "Cirene" Bn from the Libya Territorial Legion)
    • 102nd Blackshirts Battalion (former 2nd "Cirene" Bn from the Libya Territorial Legion)
    • 101st MMG coy
    • 101st pack-artillery battery
  • 104th Blackshirts Legion "S.Santarosa"
    • 104th "S.Santarosa" Blackshirts Battalion
    • 111th "Monferrato" Blackshirts Battalion
    • 104th MMG coy
    • 104th pack-artillery battery
  • 215th Blackshirts Legion "Cimino"
    • 215th "Cimino" Blackshirts Battalion
    • 220 "Giulio Cesare" Blackshirts Battalion
    • 215th MMG coy
    • 215th pack-artillery battery
  • 4th Blackshirts MMG Battalion
  • 4th Artillery Battalion (65L17 - Army)
  • 4th Special Engineers Coy (mixed Blackshirts and Army)
  • 2 x Replacements Battalions


  • Additionally the Division had a Medical Section, Logistics Section, and transport of a Pack-Mules unit (1,600 mules), and a Mixed Trucks unit (80 light trucks).

Order of Battle (9 December 1940)

  • 250. CCNN Legion
    • 150. G. Carli CCNN Battalion
    • 154. D. Mastronuzzi CCNN Battalion
    • 156. Lucania CCNN Battalion
  • 270. CCNN Legion
    • 170. Agrigentum CCNN Battalion
    • 172. Enna CCNN Battalion
    • 174. Segesta CCNN Battalion
  • 4. CCNN Anti-tank Company
  • 204. CCNN MMG Battalion
  • 204. Artillery Regiment
  • 204. Mixed Engineer Battalion
  • 204. Medical Section
  • 204. Logistics Section
    • Transport Section (1,600 Pack-Mules)
    • Mixed Trucks Section (80 light and medium trucks)


  • Took part in the invasion of Egypt and was destroyed at Sidi Barrani while protecting the retreat of the other Italian units.


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