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4 Field Artillery
SANDF 4 Field Artillery emblem.jpg
Active 1945 to present
Country  South Africa
  •  Republic of South Africa
  •  Republic of South Africa
Type Regular artillery
Role Medium (self propelled) Artillery (G6)
Size Regiment
Part of South African Army Artillery Formation
Army Conventional
Garrison/HQ Potchefstroom, Northwest Province
Patron St Barbara
Motto(s) Always in support
Colors The launchers
Anniversaries 29 June
Equipment GV6 155 mm self-propelled howitzer
Engagements World War II
South African Border War
Battle honours South-West Africa
Collar Badge Bursting grenade with seven flames
Beret Colour Oxford Blue
Artillery Battery Emblems SANDF Artillery Battery emblems
Artillery Beret Bar circa 1992 SANDF Artillery Beret Bar

4 Artillery Regiment is based at Potchefstroom, responsible for the training of soldiers allotted to Field and Medium Artillery.


On May 28, 1945, authority was granted for the formation of 4 Field Artillery as a full-time regiment with effect 1 April 1945. Based in Potchefstroom after the war, it became 4 Field Training Regiment in 1953 with 10, 11 and 12 Field Batteries at Potchefstroom, Bloemfontein and Oudtshoorn respectively. It was disestablished as a training institution in November 1967. The regiment has taken part in most operations since Operation Savannah in 1976. It became the first artillery regiment to be presented with a regimental colour and claims to be the first to have appointed an honorary colonel. The regiment is currently organised as a composite unit and has a growth capability for the establishment of added regiments.


  • Col (Hon) Johann Oosthuizen 1984 – 2012
  • Lt Col Nick Bierman CBE 1946 – 1947
  • Lt Col Bob Meintjies DSO 1950 – 1953
  • Col Deon Holtzhausen 1994 – 1997
  • Lt Col Victor Khasapane 2006 – 2010

Freedom of the City

The regiment was awarded the Freedom of Potchefstroom in 1984.


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