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4 April 2010 Baghdad bombing
Location Baghdad, Iraq
Date 4 April 2010 (UTC+3)
Target Multiple embassies
Attack type
Car bombs
Deaths 42[1]
Non-fatal injuries
Suspected perpetrators
Islamic State of Iraq

The 4 April 2010 Baghdad Bombings were a string of car bombings in Baghdad Iraq which killed at least 42 people, and wounded at least another 224. The attack was aimed at foreign embassies. On 9 April 2010 the Islamic state of Iraq claimed responsibility for the attack.[2]


Three car bombs were detonated in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, on the morning of 4 April, killing 42 people. The attacks damaged the embassies of Egypt, Iran, and Syria as well as the German ambassador's residence.[3] At least 224 people were wounded in the bombings which occurred in quick succession according to officials. Baghdad security forces reportedly stopped a bomb-laden car in Masbah, central Baghdad, which was apparently going to attack the headquarters of police protecting embassies. The driver was arrested and the bomb neutralized.[4]


The SITE Intelligence Group said the Islamic State of Iraq had posted a message saying they were behind attacks on the Iranian, Egyptian and German missions.[5]

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