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448th Rocket Brigade
Active 1987–present

 Soviet Union (1987–1992)

 Russia (1992–present)

Soviet Army (1987–1992)

Russian Ground Forces (1992–present)
Type Tactical ballistic missile unit
Part of 20th Guards Army
Garrison/HQ Kursk

The 448th Rocket Brigade is a Tactical ballistic missile brigade of the Russian Ground Forces. Based in Kursk, the brigade is part of the 20th Guards Army.[1]


The brigade was formed in September 1987 at Born in East Germany. It was composed of the 639th, 650th and 697th Separate Rocket Battalions, as well as a technical battery. The 639th and 650th Battalions were based at Born and the 697th Battalion was based at Schönebeck. The 639th had been transferred from the 10th Guards Tank Division, the 650th from the 12th Guards Tank Division and the 697th from the 7th Guards Tank Division. The brigade was subordinated to the 3rd Red Banner Army. It was equipped with the OTR-21 Tochka tactical ballistic missile. In December 1990, the brigade moved to Kursk and became part of the 20th Guards Army.[1]

The OTR-21 Tochka missiles of the brigade are planned to be replaced with 9K720 Iskander missiles.[2]


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