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42nd Group Army
Country  China
Branch China Emblem PLA.svg People's Liberation Army
Size Corps
Engagements Korean War
Sino-Vietnamese War

The 42nd Group Army is a group army - a corps-sized military formation - of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, active since the late 1940s. It is part of the Guangzhou Military Region.[1]


During the Korean War, the Army was part of the People's Volunteer Army (Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV) or Chinese Communist Forces (CCF)) XIII Army Group. It was composed of the 124th, 125th, and 126th Divisions.[2]

During the Korean War, the 42nd Army was commanded by Lieutenant General Wu Ruilin.[3]

Major CPV forces did not enter Korea until the night of Oct. 16, 1950, when the 124th Division, of the 42nd Army of the XIIIth Army Group crossed the Yalu River opposite Manp'ojin.[4] On the 16th it started on foot from Manp'ojin, marching southeast through Kanggye and Yudam-ni to Hagaru-ri. From there its advanced elements proceeded to the point south of the Changjin Reservoir where they met the ROK 26th Regiment on 25 October. The remainder of the division moved up to the point of contact and joined in the battle near Sudong against the U.S. 1st Marine Division troops that replaced the ROK 26th Regiment.[5]

The 42nd Army and the 38th Army were pouring through the broken South Korean lines to Eighth Army’s east and threatening to envelop the entire force.[6]

The west flank units of this army, elements of the 125th Division, overlapped into the Eighth Army zone and apparently constituted the enemy force that dispersed the ROK 7th Regiment below Ch'osan at the end of October 1950.[7]

In October 1952 the 46th Army replaced the 42nd Army and they were rotated back to China.


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