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3rd Mounted Division
Active World War I
March 1915 - June 1919
Country United Kingdom
Branch Territorial Force
Type Cavalry
Major-General J.F. Burn-Murdoch

The 3rd Mounted Division was a British cavalry division composed of Yeomanry and Territorial Force units active during World War I.

It was formed on 6 March 1915 as the 2/2nd Mounted Division a replacement/depot formation for the 2nd Mounted Division which was being sent abroad on active service. The 2/2nd comprised the second-line formations of all units in the 2nd Div, and took over the 2nd's Home Defence role of guarding the Norfolk coast against a possible invasion. The division was very undermanned and underequipped at first. Each second-line Territorial unit formed at their original depots were scattered across London and the Midlands, and then had to assemble on the east coast to form the division. At first, rather than growing in size, the division shrunk as men were drafted off to active units overseas. The division also suffered lack of equipment; the artillery batteries were issued with the older 15 pounder Breech Loading Cannon rather than the 15 pounder Quick Firing gun that was the standard weapon of first line TF RHA units. There was also a lack of Lee Enfield rifles, and some soldiers had Japanese-made carbines instead. By March 1916 the division was mostly up to strength, and at this point it was renamed the 3rd Mounted Division. In July 1916 its name changed again, to 1st Mounted Division (the original 1st Mounted had just become the 1st Cyclist Division). By November 1916 the division's artillery had been removed for service overseas and in September 1917 the division was renamed again, this time as The Cyclist Division. It remained in the United Kingdom throughout the war and was disbanded by June 1919.

Order of Battle March 1915

9th Mounted Brigade (2/1st Notts & Derby)
10th Mounted Brigade (2/1st South Midland)
11th Mounted Brigade (2/2nd South Midland)
12th Mounted Brigade (2/1st London)

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