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The 3rd Armoured Brigade, previously the 1st Heavy Armoured Brigade, was an armoured brigade of the British Army that saw service in World War II with both the 1st Armoured Division and the 2nd Armoured Division in the North African Campaign. The brigade Headquarters were disbanded on 11 January 1943.

Order of battle[]

3rd Armoured Brigade was constituted as follows during the war:


The following officers commanded 3rd Armoured Brigade during the war:

  • Brigadier V.V. Pope (until 20 April 1940)
  • Brigadier J.T. Crocker (from 20 April until 21 September 1940)
  • Brigadier R.G.W. Rimington (from 21 September 1940 until 8 April 1941)
  • Lieutenant Colonel H.D. Drew (Acting, from 8 April until 2 June 1941)
  • Colonel G.M.O. Davy (Acting, from 2 June until 18 July 1941)
  • Lieutenant Colonel F. Brown (Acting, from 18 to 29 July 1941)
  • Colonel R.C. Keller (Acting, from 29 July 1941)

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