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39th Guards Airborne Corps
39th Guards Rifle Corps
Active 1944-1955
Country  Soviet Union
Branch Red Army
Type airborne, infantry
Size corps

World War II

Battle honours


Order of the red Banner OBVERSE.jpgOrder of the Red Banner

Mikhail Tikhonov

Alexander Kazankin

The 39th Guards Airborne Corps was a Red Army airborne corps disbanded in 1955. First formed in August 1944, it was converted to infantry in January 1945 and fought during World War II in the Vienna Offensive and the Prague Offensive.[1][2]


The 39th Airborne Corps was formed on 9 August 1944 under the command of Mikhail Tikhonov in Kalinin City.[2] It was converted to infantry on 5 January 1945[1] and became part of the 9th Guards Army. The corps fought in the Vienna Offensive, where it participated in the capture of Vienna. For his leadership, Tikhonov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.[2] The corps was also given the honorary title "Vienna".[1] In July 1945, the corps was transferred to Bila Tserkva. On 10 June 1946, it became airborne again. Its headquarters moved to Kryvyi Rih on 11 May 1947. The 31st Guards Airborne Division was activated on 1 October 1948 from the 356th Guards Airborne Regiment to form a third division in the corps. The corps was disbanded on 12 January 1955.[1]


The corps was commanding by the following officers.[1]

  • Lieutenant general Mikhail Tikhonov (9 August 1944-June 1946)
  • Lieutenant general Alexander Kazankin (June 1946-October 1947)
  • Lieutenant general Ivan Bezugly (3 February 1948 – 7 February 1950)
  • Major general Nikolay Tavartkiladze (7 February 1950 – 27 January 1951)
  • Lieutenant general Vasily Shatilov (27 January 1951 – 12 January 1955)


The corps was composed of the following units in January 1945.[3]

The corps was composed of the following units in 1947.[1]


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