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The 372nd Rifle Red Banner Novgorod Division was a division of the Red Army during the Second World War.

It was established at Barnaul, Altai Krai, Siberian Military District, in September 1941. Formed in accordance with NKO Order № 459сс of 11.08.1941.

It was part of the 'operational army' from 18.12.1941 tо 30.09.1944 and from 16.10.1944 tо 09.05.1945.

From 11 December 1941 it joined the 59th Army, part of the Volkhov Front.

As part of the 2nd Shock Army of the Volkhov Front the division participated in Operation Spark (14-30.01.1943). At the tip of the advancing group of the Volkhov Front, soldiers of the Division (1st Battalion, 1240th Rifle Regiment) met on 18/01/1943 at 9:30 am with soldiers coming from the West (1st Battalion, 123rd Rifle Brigade), thus completing the break the Siege of Leningrad.

During the war it fought with the 6th, 7th, 98th, 108th, and 112th Rifle Corps. It fought at Leningrad, Vyborg, and Danzig. With 2nd Shock Army of the 2nd Belorussian Front May 1945.[1] In accordance with Stavka VGK Order № 11095 of 29.05.1945 it became part of the Group of Soviet Occupation Forces in Germany.

Relocated to the Voronezh Military District after the end of the war, part of the 11th Guards Rifle Corps. Briefly redesignated the 68th Rifle Division, and later in 1957, became 68th Motor Rifle Division.[2]

Relocated to Central Asia and today is a division of the Kazakh Army.


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