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370th Rifle Division (August 10, 1941 – 1945)
Active 1941 - 1945
Country  Soviet Union
Branch Red Army flag.svg Red Army
Type Division
Role Infantry
Engagements Demyansk Pocket
Battle of Nevel (1943)
Lublin–Brest Offensive
Vistula-Oder Offensive
Battle of Berlin
Decorations Order of the Red Banner Order of the Red Banner
Order of Kutuzov 2nd Class Order of Kutuzov
Battle honours Brandenburg
Col. Filipp Nikolaevich Romashin
Maj. Gen. Evgenii Mikhailovich Andreev
Col. Fyodor Ivanovich Chirkov
Col. Matvei Mikhailovich Korsun
Maj. Gen. Pyotr Savvich Gavilevskii

The 370th Rifle Division was raised in 1941 as a standard Red Army rifle division, and served for the duration of the Great Patriotic War in that role. It began forming in August, 1941 in the Siberian Military District. After forming, it was initially assigned to the 58th (Reserve) Army, but was soon reassigned to 34th Army in Northwestern Front, and until March, 1943, was involved in the dismal fighting around the Demyansk salient. After this was evacuated the division took part in equally difficult combat for the city of Staraya Russa. Near the end of that year the division was reassigned to 2nd Baltic Front, and spent several months in operations near Nevel and north of Vitebsk. In the spring of 1944 its combat path shifted southwards when it was moved to 69th Army in 1st Belorussian Front, south of the Pripet Marshes. In August it was awarded the Order of the Red Banner for its part in the liberation of Kovel. It went on to help form and hold the bridgehead over the Vistula at Puławy, and in January, 1945, joined the drive of 1st Belorussian Front across Poland and into eastern Germany, earning the battle honor "Brandenburg". It was disbanded later that year.


The division began forming on August 10, 1941 in the Siberian Military District[1] at Tomsk. Its basic order of battle was as follows:

  • 1230th Rifle Regiment
  • 1232nd Rifle Regiment
  • 1234th Rifle Regiment
  • 940th Artillery Regiment[2]

Col. Filipp Nikolaevich Romashin was not assigned to command of the division until November 1, and he would remain in command until March 5, 1942. As with many other divisions forming in Siberia at the time it was temporarily assigned to 58th (Reserve) Army in the Reserve of the Supreme High Command in the same month. It was finally sent to the front in February, 1942, joining 34th Army in Northwestern Front, facing the nearly-encircled German II Army Corps at Demyansk.[3]


Following the German surrender, the men and women of the division shared the full title of 370th Rifle, Brandenburg, Order of the Red Banner, Order of Kutuzov Division. According to STAVKA Order No. 11096 of May 29, 1945, part 8, the 370th is listed as one of the rifle divisions to be "disbanded in place".[4][5] It was disbanded in accordance with the directive in July, 1945.



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