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The Israel Defense Forces 36th Armor Division, also known as the Ga'ash Formation ("Rage"), is the largest regular-service armor division in the IDF. It is subordinate to the Northern Regional Command.

The division was established in September 1954 and until 1958 was led by Aluf Avraham Yoffe. At the time, divisional commands were mission-based commands without organic forces, but rather with troops apportioned according to given missions. From 1958–1962, it was led by Aluf Zvi Zamir; from 1962–1965 by Aluf Uzi Narkiss and from 1965-1969 by Aluf Elad Peled. During the Six-Day War, the division led the battles in the northern West Bank, commanding the Barak Armored Brigade (then the 45th Armored Brigade), the 37th Brigade and forces from the 1st Brigade. Later, it oversaw the occupation of the southern Golan Heights. After the war, from 1969–1972, the division was led by Aluf Shmuel Gonen (Gorodish). From 1972–1974, it was led by then-Aluf Rafael Eitan. During the Yom Kippur War, the division fought in the defensive battles over the northern Golan, and afterwards broke deeper into Syrian territory. During Operation Litani, Israel's invasion of Lebanon in 1978, the division fought on the eastern front. During the 1982 Lebanon War, it fought on the central front, proceeding through the coastal route onto the gates of Beirut. As of 2006, the division oversees the Golan Heights and includes the 7th Armoured Brigade and 188th 'Barak' Armoured Brigade. As of July 2013, it is led by Brigadier-General Itzik Turjeman who replaced Brigadier-General Tamir Haiman.


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