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36th Cavalry Division
Active ? - 6 July 1941
Country Soviet Union
Branch Cavalry
Role Breakthrough and Exploitation in Deep Operations
Size Division

The 36th Cavalry Division was formed prior to 1939 and was assigned to the Belorussian Military District at the onset of Operation Barbarossa.[1]

Wartime Service

Soviet invasion of Poland

Assigned to the 11th Army's 3rd Cavalry Corps for the invasion of Poland.[2]


The division was located on the border of German-occupied Poland since the end of the invasion. Unfortunately this placed the division right in place to be smashed by the German's in the opening hours of the war. On 22 June the division was ordered to form part of an Operations Group with the 6th Mechanized Corps to counterattack against the German forces. The division was attacked on 23 June by the Luftwaffe causing severe casualties among the troops and horses. The division was effectively destroyed within 48 hours of the invasion. The division was officially disbanded on 6 July 1941.[1]

Subordinate Units[1]

  • 24th Cavalry Regiment
  • 42nd Cavalry Regiment
  • 102nd Cavalry Regiment
  • 8th Tank Regiment (54 tanks and 3 armored cars)

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