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35th SS und Polizei Grenadier Division
Active March 1, 1945 - May 8, 1945
Country Nazi Germany Nazi Germany
Branch Panzergrenadier
Engagements Battle of the Seelow Heights
Battle of Halbe

The 35th SS and Police Grenadier Division was one of the thirty-eight divisions fielded by the Waffen-SS during World War II. It owes its unusual name to the fact that it was created from SS-Police units transferred to the Waffen-SS. It was not formed until the spring of 1945, and its actual strength is not known. As part of the German Ninth Army It was badly mauled defending the approaches to Berlin during the Battle of the Seelow Heights, and was destroyed during the Halbe Breakout. Various remnants surrendered to the Americans or the Soviets near the demarcation line of the Elbe.


Order of battle

  • 89.SS und Polizei-Grenadier-Regiment
  • 90.SS und Polizei-Grenadier-Regiment
  • 91.SS und Polizei-Grenadier-Regiment
  • 35.SS und Polizei-Artillerie-Regiment
  • 35.SS und Polizei-Panzerjäger-Abteilung
  • 35.SS und Polizei-Fusilier-Abteilung
  • 35.SS und Polizei-Pioneer-Abteilung
  • 35.SS und Polizei-Nachrichten-Abteilung
  • 35th SS Supply and Support units

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