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35th Infantry Division
Active April 1915-June 1919
Country United Kingdom
Branch Army
Type Infantry
Reginald Pinney

The 35th Infantry Division was a unit of the British Army during World War I.

Originally raised for the Fifth New Army as the 42nd Division, it was renumbered as the 35th when the Fifth New Army was redesignated as the Fourth New Army in April 1915. By June 1915, the division had begun to congregate at Masham, and in August it was moved to Salisbury Plain. Initially ordered to Egypt at the end of the year, it was instead transferred to the Western Front in February 1916. It would remain there for the rest of the war.

The first major engagement of the division was the Battle of Albert during the Somme offensive in the summer of 1916.

Later, the division participated in final allied offensive, reaching the River Dendre when the armistice ended the fighting in November 1918.

In January 1919, the division was called on to quell riots in the camps at Calais, and was finally demobilized, in April 1919.

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