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34th Rifle Division
Active 1920-1945
Country Soviet Union
Allegiance Red Army
Branch Infantry
Garrison/HQ Samara (as territorial division)
Engagements Soviet invasion of Manchuria
Battle honours

Middle Volga
Order of the red Banner OBVERSE.jpgOrder of the Red Banner

In the name of Valerian Kuybyshev

The 34th Rifle Division was an infantry division of the Red Army.


The 34th was originally formed as a territorial division of the Volga Military District. It was named "Middle Volga" on 13 February 1930.[1] In March 1934, it attained Cadre status and was transferred to the Far Eastern Military District. On 10 June 1935, it received the name "Valerian Kuybyshev".[1] It was part of the 15th Army and the 18th Rifle Corps [2] and fought in the Soviet invasion of Manchuria. In the Soviet invasion of Manchuria, the division participated in the offensive across the Sungari River.[3] It became part of the 5th Rifle Corps from 3 September 1945. For its combat service, it was awarded the Order of the Red Star on 14 September 1945.[1] However, Avanzini and Crowfoot say that it was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.[4] It became the 11th Machinegun artillery division in November 1945.[4]



  • S.A. Spilnichenko (1925)
  • Mikhail Khozin (1926-1932)
  • V.Y. Rohi (?-1937) - arrested and shot during the Great Purge
  • P.L. Romanenko (May 1940 – 1941)
  • Colonel Aleksei Ivanovich Prilepskii (26 March 1941 – 7 February 1942)
  • Major General Nikolai Alekseevich Kichaev (8 February 1942 – 27 April 1943)
  • Colonel Ignat Andreevich Vetvitskii (28 April-14 December 1943)
  • Colonel Stephen Vladimorovich Kolomiets (15 December 1943 – 3 September 1945) - promoted to Major General on 13 September 1944



  • 83rd Rifle Regiment
  • 134th Rifle Regiment
  • 327th Rifle Regiment
  • 63rd Artillery Regiment
  • 145th Howitzer Artillery Regiment
  • 75th Separate Antitank Artillery Battalion
  • 478th Separate Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion
  • 7th Reconnaissance Company
  • 59th Sapper Battalion
  • 89th Separate Signals Battalion
  • 12th Medical Battalion
  • 14th Separate Chemical Defense Company
  • 9th Repair and Reconstruction Company
  • 58th Auto Transport Company
  • 102nd Field Bakery
  • 62nd Divisional Artillery Workshop Battalion
  • 33rd Field Mobile Hospital
  • 217th Veterinary Field Hospital
  • 69th Field Postal Station
  • 265th Field Cash Office of the State Bank


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