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34th Squadron SAAF
Consolidated Vultee B-24 Liberator USAF.JPG
Consolidated Vultee B-24 Liberator similar to that flown
by 34 Squadron SAAF
Active 14 April 1944 – 15 December 1945
Country South Africa South Africa
Branch South African Air Force
Role Heavy Bomber Squadron
Motto(s) "Initasela Zasebusiuku" (We Strike by Night)
Equipment Consolidated Vultee B-24 Liberator
34 Squadron Badge 34 Sqn SAAF badge.png

34 Squadron was a heavy bomber squadron of the South African Air Force during World War II. It was formed in Egypt on 14 April 1944 and operated from Egypt and Italy until the end of the war. It was equipped with Consolidated Vultee B-24 Liberator IVs.[1]

In July 1944, the squadron moved from Egypt to Italy and formed part of No. 2 Wing (SAAF) along with 31 Squadron SAAF. The squadron's first operation was on the 21st; in addition, it operated in northern Italy, the Balkans, Austria and Southern France, as well as mine-laying operations along the Danube. The squadron was also involved in re-supply air drops to partisans in Yugoslavia (Operation Flotsam) as well as air supply drops to the defenders in the Warsaw uprising of August–September 1944.[1]

The squadron returned to Egypt in September and was converted to a transport unit, flying supplies and passengers to and from northern Italy, Austria, Egypt and South Africa. It was disbanded on 15 December 1945.[1]

Map of Europe showing selected bombing targets engaged by 34 Squadron during WW2
Sankt Valentin
Southern France
Selected bombing targets engaged by 34 Squadron during WW2 (Red), Air supply drops (Black) and main operating base (Green)[2]

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