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The 344th Rifle Division was a military formation of the Soviet Armed Forces that served in the Great Patriotic War.

The division was formed in Barishskie, Kuzovatovsky District, Ulyanovsk Oblast, from August to October 1941 by Decree number 459 of GKO 08/11/1941. It was part of the 'operational army' from 02.12.1941 to 09.05.1945.

In November 1941, in accordance with Direction number 55 of the Stavka and commander of the 26th Army Reserve op/2999 number from November 25, 1941, the division was loaded onto trains at Cheboksary and shipped to Noginsk, and then to Lyubertsy where it was manned and received weapons.

The division gained the honorifics 'Roslavl Red Banner' during the war, was seemingly renamed the 58th Motor Rifle Division around 1957.[1]


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