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32nd Army Tank Brigade
Active 1941–1942
Country  United Kingdom
Branch  British Army
Type Armoured warfare
Role Infantry support
Size Brigade
Engagements Western Desert Campaign

The 32nd Army Tank Brigade was an armoured brigade formation of the British Army, created during World War II. It was formed, under the command of Brigadier A.C. William, in Egypt on 15 September 1941. The brigade HQ was sent to Tobruk to take command of all Royal Armoured Corps units stationed there, and was attached to the British 70th Infantry Division for Operation Crusader, where Captain Philip J. Gardner of the 4th Royal Tank Regiment was awarded the Victoria Cross. In June 1942 during the Battle of Gazala, a composite brigade was formed in Tobruk with surviving elements of the 1st Army Tank Brigade, which surrendered on 22 June after the fall of Tobruk.[1] The brigade was not reformed.

Order of battle[]

The 32nd Army Tank Brigade was composed of the following:

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