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Coat of Arms of the 32nd Alpine Engineer Regiment

Soldiers of the 32nd Alpine Engineer Regiment in Afghanistan

The 32nd Alpine Engineer Regiment (Italian language: 32° Reggimento Genio Guastatori Alpino ) is a military engineer regiment of the Italian Army, specializing in mountain combat. Founded in 2004 it is the youngest Engineer Regiment of the Italian Army, although its main subordinate unit - the 30th Sapper Battalion - lineage goes back to the second battle of El Alamein in which the unit participated as part of the 185th Parachute Division Folgore. Since its reconstitution in 2002 as the 32nd Engineer Battalion, the 32nd Alpine Engineer Regiment is part of the Alpine Brigade Taurinense. As unit of an alpine brigade and incorporating the former engineer companies of the Alpine Brigade Taurinense the 32nd Alpine Engineer Regiment has a strong association with the Italian Army's mountain infantry corps - the Alpini. The Alpini distinguished themselves in combat during World War I and World War II. Like the Alpini and the members of the Mountain Artillery regiments the soldiers of the 32nd Alpine Engineer Regiment wear the distinctive Cappello Alpino.

Current Structure[]

  • Regimental Command
    • Nappina amarante.png 5th Command and Logistic Support Company
    • 30th Sapper Battalion
      • Nappina amarante.png 3rd Mobility Support Company
      • Nappina amarante.png 4th Field Construction Company
      • Nappina amarante.png 6th Combat Engineer Company
      • Nappina amarante.png 9th Combat Engineer Company

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