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32 Squadron
Ju86 Manchukuo Airways M-223.jpg
Junkers Ju-86 - similar to the aircraft taken over from the South African airways and operated by 32 Squadron
Active December 1939 - August 1940
Country South Africa
Branch South African Air Force
Role Coastal Patrol and Shipping Escort
32 Squadron Insignia 80px

32 Squadron was a short lived coastal patrol squadron of the South African Air Force during the Second World War. It was founded in December 1939 and assumed the responsibility for coastal patrols and anti-submarine escorts for shipping.[1] The squadron never had many aircraft (highest total was seven Ju-86[2] and four Avro Ansons[3]) and remained a small unit for the full duration of its short existence. It was disbanded in August 1940 when its Ju-86 aircraft were sent to Johannesburg to augment 12 Squadron who were deployed in East Africa.[4]

Avro Anson as was flown by 32 Sqn between 1939 and 1940.


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