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31st Division
Active World War I
April 1915 – March 1919
Country United Kingdom
Branch New Army
Type Infantry
Engagements Battle of the Somme

The British 31st Division was a New Army division formed in April 1915 as part of the K4 Army Group and taken over by the War Office on 10 August 1915. Comprising mainly battalions from Yorkshire and Lancashire, the division was sent to Egypt in December 1915 before moving to France in March 1916 and spent the remainder of the First World War in action on the Western Front. The 31st Division was the quintessential New Army division, being made up entirely of Pals battalions.

The 31st Division's first major action was on the first day of the Somme Campaign (1 July 1916). The division suffered 3,600 casualties and failed to reach any of its objectives.

Unit history


92nd Brigade
93rd Brigade
94th Brigade

The brigade was disbanded in February 1918 then began reforming in May. In June it was brought up to strength with the addition of Yeomanry battalions from the 74th (Yeomanry) Division and renamed the 94th (Yeomanry) Brigade.

4th Guards Brigade

The brigade was attached to the division during February 1918 following the breakup of the 94th Brigade. It left when the 94th Brigade began reforming in May.

In April 1918 heavy casualties led to the brief amalgamation of the 92nd and 93rd Brigades into the 92nd Composite Brigade.


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