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31 Combat Engineer Regiment
31e Régiment du Génie
The Elgin Regiment.jpg
Cap badge of the Elgin Regiment from World War I
Active 1866 -
Country Canada
Branch Canadian Military Engineers
Role Combat Engineers
Size Two Engineer Squadrons
Part of 31 Canadian Brigade Group
Garrison/HQ St. Thomas, Ontario
Nickname(s) The Elgin's
Motto(s) Ubique "Everywhere"
Anniversaries December 4th (St. Barbara's Day)

World War I
World War II
War in Afghanistan

Commanding Officer LCol B Ashford
Honorary Colonel Andrew Bruce, 11th Earl of Elgin
Honorary Lt. Colonel Mark Sargent
RSM CWO Johnathan Kisslinger
Abbreviation 31 CER

31 Combat Engineer Regiment (31 CER or "The Elgin's"),[1][2] is currently a combat engineer regiment of the Canadian Armed Forces, supporting 31 Canadian Brigade Group of the 4th Canadian Division (formerly Land Force Central Area). It consists of two squadrons: 48 Engineer Squadron in Waterloo, Ontario, and 7 Engineer Squadron in St. Thomas, Ontario. The Elgin's existed before the Confederation of Canada, tracing their origin to 1866 when the Militia Act officially created the 25th, Elgin, Battalion of Infantry from five local militia companies.

The history of The Elgin's[]

Year Change
1812 31 CER perpetuates the Royal Corps of Artificers and Craftsmen
1866 25th Elgin Battalion of Infantry
1900 25th Elgin Regiment
1903 (disbanded)
1904 25th Elgin Regiment (re-formed)
1915 Canadian Expeditionary Force:
18th, 33rd, and 91st Battalions raised
1920 The Elgin Regiment
1921 Canadian Expeditionary Force:
1st Battalion (perpetuating 91st Battalion CEF)
2nd (Reserve) Battalion
1942 25th Armoured Regiment (The Elgin Regiment)
1943 1st Canadian Tank Delivery Regiment
1943 25th Canadian Tank Delivery Regiment (The Elgin Regiment
1943–45 25th Armoured Delivery Regiment (The Elgin Regiment)

"A" & "B" Squadrons attached to 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade
"C" Squadron attached to 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade
"D" Squadron attached to 4th Canadian Armoured Division
"E" Squadron attached to II Canadian Corps
"F" Squadron attached to First Canadian Army
"G" Squadron attached to 5th Canadian Armoured Division
"H" Squadron attached to I Canadian Corps

1946 The Elgin Regiment (Infantry)
1954 The Elgin Regiment (27th Armoured Regiment)
1958 The Elgin Regiment (Royal Canadian Armoured Corps)
1997 31 Combat Engineer Regiment (The Elgin's)
2004 48 Field Squadron is re-established in Waterloo, Ontario
2006 Both Field Squadrons renamed Engineer Squadrons as part of Land Force Reserve Restructure Phase 2.[3]
2013 31 CER (The Elgin's) perpetuates 1 Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment (The Kangaroos)


Since the beginning of Canadian combat operations in Afghanistan in 2002, 31 CER has sent members to augment Regular Force units for deployments while also acting as a "feeder" unit, training Reserve Force members who then take full-time contracts with Regular Force CER's.

Afghanistan rotations[]

Year Rotation Members
2005 Task Force Kabul 2
Kabul Camp Closure Team 7
2006 TF 3-06 10
2008 TF 3-08 2
2010 TF 1-10 7

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5 Combat Engineer Regiment
31 Combat Engineer Regiment (The Elgin's) Succeeded by

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